Using transport to save lives in rural Africa

Superstar MotoGP™ personalities to worldwide organisations, all understand how important our work is.

Two Wheels For Life raise money for programmes that enable healthcare to reach rural communities in Africa with reliable transport systems.

We are the official charity of MotoGP™ and with their support we are able to run unique events for motor racing fans. Whether it’s an exclusive Paddock Experience in Spain, a family day out before the British MotoGP™ or a weekend in the paddock at your favourite race circuit, you can be part of the movement that shows motorcycles save lives.

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Our mission

To raise funds worldwide with help and support from the motorcycle community through fundraising events during the motorcycling calendar.

Our goals

Health workers in Africa consistently and sustainably have access to reliable transportation.


Volunteering for us means becoming part of a global team that really makes a difference to people’s lives across Africa. It’s also a fantastic way to pick up new skills, have loads of fun and make friends for life.

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Help us help Riders For Health International

Riders For Health International is an organisation that delivers health care to remote communities across Africa.  The fundraising from Two Wheels For Life helps them reach remote rural communities with life-saving health care. Together, we can show the world that motorcycles save lives.