Our Impact

Every now and then somebody announces the discovery of a new vaccine to counter a serious disease. Some of these diseases have affected Africa disastrously from time immemorial to today. But no-one ever announces anything about how the new vaccine will reach the people who need it. 

Why does this problem go unaddressed by most of the global health community and important programmes have failed because of it. Why does this happen when perfectly suitable delivery vehicles are available? Solving this problem has been the sole focus of our programmes since 1989.

Vehicles need routine physical attention – oil changed, tyres and filters changed, chains and cables adjusted and so on.  In developed countries this takes place in vehicle dealerships. In rural Africa, dealerships don't exist. So shiny new vehicles sent by well-meaning agencies fail quickly and expensively and health care often fails to reach the people it's needed by.

In 1988 Riders for Health began to develop systems to deal with this problem. Firstly they put in place a system that ensured that vehicles  could be serviced in places where this is no infrastructure for such servicing. There are now seven Riders programmes in Africa; Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Gambia and Zimbabwe.

Two Wheels for Life believes that every country in Africa could and should have such a system. Our work supports the expansion of Riders for Health's programmes throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Find out more about Riders for Health at riders.org

Where we work

We support programmes in sub-Saharan Africa: Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Gambia and Zimbabwe.

Making change

A health worker with a vehicle can see nearly six times more people than a health worker on foot.

Vehicle maintenance

A health worker inspects maintains their own vehicle using the training they recieve.

Help us help Riders For Health International

Riders For Health International is an organisation that delivers health care to remote communities across Africa.  The fundraising from Two Wheels For Life helps them reach remote rural communities with life-saving health care. Together, we can show the world that motorcycles save lives.