We love to hear about the crazy things people come up with to raise money for Two Wheels. And we're here to support you.

Getting started
We're here to support you throughout your fundraising journey. Download our brand new fundraising pack for inspiration, as well as the nuts and bolts of how to get set up.
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Stuck for an idea?
Your fundraising idea can be big, small, wild, adventurous (or just plain silly). Read our article for some inspiration.
Top 5 fundraising ideas

Set up a free fundraising page
Once you've got an idea it's easy to set up a fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving. Share your idea with friends, family and via social media to let them know that they can help you support Two Wheels for Life.  Donations are sent directly to us and any applicable 'gift aid' is reclaimed automatically.
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Get in touch
We always love talking to people about their fundraising ideas. Please get in touch if you'd like our support at fundraising@twowheelsforlife.org.uk.

Together we can save lives in Africa.

Help us help Riders For Health International

Riders For Health International is an organisation that delivers health care to remote communities across Africa.  The fundraising from Two Wheels For Life helps them reach remote rural communities with life-saving health care. Together, we can show the world that motorcycles save lives.