It's easy to support our work - just book a holiday (or business trip)!

We’ve teamed up with Goodwings, the hotel booking platform that will send half of their commission to our life saving projects for every booking you make.

What is Goodwings?

Goodwings is a hotel booking site with the vision of turning the hotel industry into a driving force for positive change. They work with ​us and 58 other organisations that positively impact people and the planet.

Although Goodwings has more than 365,000 hotels at the exact same prices as hotel booking websites (like and, instead of spending money on marketing and advertising, Goodwings gives half of the commission to organisations like ​Two Wheels for Life.

So, when a traveller books a hotel stay for £100, £5 goes directly to the work we support. A true win-win!

Start booking

To book your hotels through Goodwings, you first need to create an account:

For you

If you want to use Goodwings for you personal travel  create your account here.

For work

If you are registering on behalf of your company or would like your company's travel booking employee to set up an account or find out more, please send an email to Mikkel Guldborg at

Book your first hotel stay and help Two Wheels for Life continue to save lives.

Find out more

Find out more about Goodwings or for more information about how you can support Two Wheels for Life  visit our fundraising page or email us at

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Help us help Riders For Health International

Riders For Health International is an organisation that delivers health care to remote communities across Africa.  The fundraising from Two Wheels For Life helps them reach remote rural communities with life-saving health care. Together, we can show the world that motorcycles save lives.